How to Choose a Roof Cargo Box?

Many people choose a roof top cargo box/carrier for adding extra storage space to their vehicle because they are secure, weather resistant, and water resistant and, add proper space for all kinds of luggage and gear without having to purchase a bigger vehicle. Roof top Cargo Carriers are good for family vacations, camping, ski trips, fishing etc. Before purchasing a cargo box, go well informed so you know exactly what you need and, consult professionals as well because you want the best product for your hard earned money.  Important points to think of, with respect to Cargo Carriers, are that nearly every cargo box requires crossbars or cargo racks that should be installed on the roof of your vehicle and come with a universal installation hardware so they can be fixed on any type of cargo racks or crossbars from square, round and factory to aerodynamic. Always make sure that the rear hatch and back window of your vehicle are not blocked by the cargo Box.

Car roof cargo box reviews suggest that you should know about the dimensions of a cargo carrier before getting one. Usually cargo carriers come with two basic variations if we are talking about the shape, that is, either short or long. For larger gear like ski and snowboards, the larger cargo boxes are obviously more suitable but do compare the length of the snowboards and skis against the length of the box. However, shorter carriers are good for general camping and road-trips. Cargo boxes come in different sizes. Usually a cargo box of 12 cubic can fit gear for almost 2 people where as a cargo carrier of more than 20 cubic can fit gear for approximately 5 people! Therefore, always remember the size of luggage to determine the required capacity of the carrier.

Let us talk about some key features of a good cargo carrier. Most of the advanced cargo carriers have dual sided opening i.e. it can be opened from either side which makes it very convenient to load or unload from any side of the car. However, the latest models have streamline build which are designed to keep the wind noise minimum while driving at high speeds. Cargo carrier boxes are great but be sure to keep certain things in mind in order to prevent any problems that may arise due to mishandling. Be careful with the keys and do not put too much force because the snapped off key in the handle will make it impossible to open up the box. Do not overload your cargo carrier otherwise it will damage the hinges and exert force on the breaks which could cause potential road accidents. If you want to keep your cargo boxes safe and for a long period of time then handle them carefully. Running the boxes into garages, doors or low parking structures can damage the cargo carriers. A cargo box can add up to two feet of height to your vehicle so be careful while driving under tunnels and drive through.