Characteristics of car roof cargo box:

Another question of choice is the color, the manufacturers are evolving in technology but also in design, with which every time there are more colors and textures of chests that fit perfectly with our vehicle. Thus, in many of them, you can choose between brightness, textured, matt, etc.Many of these chests have the “Dual Side” opening system or bilateral opening, a feature that provides convenience when loading and unloading since the chest can be accessed on one side or the other. In addition, most of the chests with this system have several locks and central locking, with which comfort is maximum. For further information, see the car roof cargo box reviews.

Many of the chests that are medium or large have the perfect length to carry skis or snowboards comfortably and without having to take up more bar space on purpose for skis. In addition, this ski transport system is very comfortable because you can transport the rest of the ski equipment such as helmets, poles, boots inside the chest and to leave the trunk available for luggage, pet or whatever you want. These long chests are also useful for transporting fishing rods and other long-lasting sporting elements.

The manufacturers of roof trunks have been innovating and researching for years to successfully achieve a breakthrough in aerodynamics and materials of chests, which has achieved that the chests on sale today are made of lightweight ABS plastic but Robust and safe so that the handling when it is empty is easy and comfortable and at the same time withstand inclement weather such as low temperatures, snow, rain or ultraviolet rays.

Another type of less common and used ceiling chests are folding or flexible chests, which are made of waterproof and high-quality fabrics, which withstand wind, speed, rain or snow with the advantage that they can be stored in very little space. These chests tend to be less durable due to the wear they suffer. The fixing of the roof bars is done with straps that have these roof bags integrated. It is noteworthy to mention that from we recommend the use of rigid roof chests since these flexible do not have a price so cheap that there is an important difference, however rigid offer greater capacity and safety.

The storage at the home of the roof chests is often an inconvenience for which many people opt for other transport options, but now we have several accessories for roof trunks like winches or wall support to store the chest in the garage or back so that it does not occupy only useful space, since it will be on the ceiling or stuck to the wall.

Once the chest is installed on the roof bars, the next step will be to load it. Our recommendation is to load with less heavy luggage such as baby strollers or suitcases / small bags because if it exceeds the weight that can support the bars or the chest, the car can be damaged or before a sudden maneuver can cause the overturn on the highway. Car roof cargo box reviews is a must see.