Details that must be taken into account for rooftop cargo boxes

If you always travel by car, instead of buying conventional bags you can buy special ones for your vehicle. Like the common ones, they have pockets, locks, and weather strips to ensure perfect insulation. They come in gray or black. As they are removable, they can be loaded in the home, uploaded to the car and, once arrived at the destination, lowered to empty them. They have wheels to facilitate their transfer. They are made with ABS plastic to ensure greater resistance and corrosion-resistant metal fittings, the smallest one measure 1.15 m long x 0.50 m wide, while the largest one reports 1.15 max 1.50 m and 7 kg of weight. They have the aerodynamic shape: their height back and forth is 9 cm, while in the center reaches 30 cm.

This is so to reduce wind resistance when driving at high speeds. For this reason, it is also necessary to place them on the luggage rack: the air will pass below, which will reduce possible turbulence. Car roof cargo box reviews are a must see if you are looking for something that is the best. These are available for $ 189 pesos. The motorcycle versions, meanwhile, cost at least 50 pesos. Another option is to add roof trunks. They are much larger than the suitcases, although their dimensions vary according to the brand. Their important size forces them to be fixed to the ceiling. They can be opened laterally or from the rear. They are also aerodynamic, the best are made of ABS and anticorrosive metal, and their usual shades are gray, black and white. So that what is placed inside is kept fixed, it has two straps.

In order to prolong the life of your luggage rack, clean it regularly with soapy water, and lubricate the screws and fasteners. Do not use solvents or acid solutions. To keep the brightness of suitcases and trunks, pack them with auto polish or special silicones for plastics. If you changed cars and already had a luggage rack, it is possible to make adaptations to fit your new vehicle. If the length of the roof is the same, most likely you just need a new fastening kit. Also, before ordering work, check that the bars and anchors are not rusted or deformed by a blow. If so, it could break in the middle of the trip not because you have space can load everything that comes to mind. Carefully read the manual of your car to know how much weight it resists on the roof also see the car roof cargo box reviews.

Always fasten the items you place on the luggage rack (even the trunks) with safety straps. Polypropylene and nylon cost at least $ 9. They measure 3 m long x 25 mm wide; 3 mx 30 mm, and 4 mx 25 mm, and resist 300 pounds (138 kg). It is better if your locks are of the system called gag, which prevents the rope from sliding after it has been shod. All the luggage racks cause a whistle due to friction with the air, even those with aerodynamic anchors, although in the latter the noise is less.