Does the auto rooftop cargo box cause damage?

You know that it is not the only solution to expand the load capacity of your car, but the one that interests you the most. Sure, you’ve been taking a look at a parts store or online and you’ve seen that there are different options. You have thousands of doubts about what kind of chest you buy and here we are to try to clarify you and not tell you more. Auto rooftop cargo box does not represent, in any case, a danger for the stability of the car and, therefore, for its safety. But they have to be well installed and comply with all the requirements established by both the vehicle manufacturer and the bar itself. Also, do not forget to always check the fixings and anchors before starting a trip. Factors to review auto rooftop cargo box:

– The Weight

Under no circumstances should the load exceed the maximum weight authorized by the manufacturer of the bar because it could seriously endanger the occupants of the vehicle. The weight that these bars support is usually between 50 and 100 kilos.

– Size

It is also essential that the dimensions of the object or objects that do transport does not exceed the ceiling of the car and, as far as possible, not protruding ahead, behind or on the sides.

– Structural Defects

Its good initial state is important because they have to withstand the weather, high speeds, and the load weight to put up. In case of doubt between two Postribolo Barcelona different models, always choose the most resistant, even if they are a little more expensive.

You will be surprised by the futuristic design of the roof load, which does not neglect its wide capacity. It is used especially for the transfer of sports equipment or especially long instruments, which will be protected from dust, wind and any external agent. The car trunk is made of hard plastic and it only takes a minute to fit it perfectly. The installation and fixation are ideal, it does not make noise at high speeds and it will not make you consume more fuel either. However, if we talk about the variants of roof chests, but there are a very different and less classic, the roof chests made of textile material. Yes, they are not rigid or made of plastic, but they are waterproof and have zippers sealed, at least quality because some have to only use folds to protect the zippers from the water and in this case only serves for a rain fine.

By price there is no difference (before they were more expensive), the advantage of textiles is that they are easily disassembled and in doing so they can be folded and take up very little space. There is no more in reality, although it is not little. Surely you have seen more than one with the chest placed all year round for the laziness of disassembling or lack of space to have it at home. Maybe it’s expensive, but its quality makes you happy with the investment.